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cloud in a bottle try this at home Kitchen DNA try this at home penguin origami try this at home

Cloud in a bottle

Kitchen DNA

Origami penguin

Try this at home rainbow flowers Try this at home rubber bone Try this at home rubber egg

Rainbow flowers

Rubber bone

Rubber egg

try this at home - alka seltzer rockets try this at home - ant colony try this at home - baking soda volcano

Alka seltzer rocket

Ant colony

Baking soda volcano

try this at home - dino mask try this at home - dino masks try this at home - earthworm charming

Dino mask

Dino mask

Worm charming

try this at home - magic jar try this at home - planet art CD hovercraft try this at home

Magic jar

Planet art

CD Hovercraft

Try this at home I like to move it, Flick book whale origami try this at home try this at home - bottle diver

Flick book

Origami whale

Bottle diver

try this at home - red cabbage indicator try this at home - fungus sandwich

Cabbage indicator

Fungus sandwich

Disclaimer: The science experiments on this web-site are regarded as low risk. The authors expressly disclaim all liability for any occurrence, including, but not limited to, damage, injury or death which might arise as consequences of the use of any experiments listed or described here. We recomend that you discuss any of these experiments with a responsible adult before carrying them out and follow the instructions within the experiments carefully

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