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Explore the Natural World

The Natural World is a fascinating and amazing place. Find out more about Natural World specimens in West Midlands Museums and download Resources too.

Kestrel from Thinktank Museum

Exploring the Natural World

The Natural World is an amazing and inspiring place.

There are the plants, animals and fungi that live all around us. There are rocks, fossils and minerals that are found inside the Earth we walk on.

The West Midlands has many varied habitats and the region's museums hold fine examples from the Natural World that have been found locally, regionally and that have come from across the world.

We invite you to explore some of the amazing natural objects held by West Midlands museums.

On the following pages you will find images and text to use for your own, non-commercial use, whether in the classroom, to share with friends or simply to enjoy for yourself. So follow the links and begin to explore the Natural World just beyond your doorstep.